Argano Ecosystem 1.0
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both Synthetic / Partially Collateralized / Algorithmic
AGOBTC - a synthetic token, which was constructed to satisfy the needs of institutional and private investors with long-term expectations. The cryptocurrency market is moving according to the growth of Bitcoin. Its price fully reflects the bullish or bearish mood on the market, but as we can see we are still at an early stage with boundless prospects. Argano platform can present the following benefits using native AGOBTC token:
  • The token price is pegged to the Wrapped BTC price, which works on the Polygon as Proof of Stake token, and in its turn, is pegged to the authentic Bitcoin price. Argano synthetic Bitcoin token will track, repeat and follow all the changes and jumps in the market according to the true BTC movements.
  • AGOBTC is a free exchangeable cryptocurrency on the expanses of the Polygon network.
  • The possibility to become a Bitcoin investor in one click: stake AGOBTC and earn AGO as rewards. While you are gaining reward tokens, watch how the asset price of your AGOBTC grows with the growth of the authentic BTC.
AGOUSD - a second synthetic token, which will be available on the fair launch stage. With our native stable token, you can forget about traditional banking deposits and all other standard saving methods of the funds.
AGOUSD token price is pegged to $1. Customers can freely exchange their USDT, USDC, DAI, TUSD on AGOUSD with the help of the Argano DEX, powered by minimal slippage and token price stability. General advantages that could be obtained by holding and trading AGOUSD token:
  • The token price is pegged to $1. Every market trader or yield farmer, in order to fix his gains, calculate losses or manage the investment risk, operates with stablecoins.
  • Argano DEX trading pairs will include AGOUSD on the one side to perform market orders to the other assets.
  • A great opportunity not to waste time just by keeping tokens in your wallet, but to allow your assets in the portfolio to grow. Thanks to the Argano staking feature, users will be extremely pleased with the high annual returns, which traditional central banks, in turn, can not offer us.