Argano Ecosystem 1.0
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C - Ratio

How does collateralization work
To be honest and open to our community, the Argano team has been inspired by the Iron Finance and Frax Finance protocols, namely their vision and implementation of the algorithmic stablecoins.
Since Argano offers 2 algorithmic, dollar and Bitcoin pegged tokens - AGOUSD & AGOBTC respectively, our team is going to use Target Collateral Ratio and Effective Collateral Ratio in order to stabilize the asset price and regulate their circulation according to the market supply and demand:
Target Collateral Ratio TCR represents the C - Ratio to reach the desired asset price.
  • The TCR is used in the asset minting calculation formula, both for AGOUSD & AGOBTC tokens.
  • The TCR will be automatically calculated and established one time per hour, with the possible step of 0.25%. The maximum ratio couldn't be reached more than 6% per 24 hours.
In the general sense, if the algorithmic token price is higher than the price of the stablecoin (in the case of AGOUSD) or the real Bitcoin price (in the case of AGOBTC), the protocol will apply the lower collateral ratio to create new tokens. And vice versa, when the algorithmic token price is lower than it's needed, the protocol will increase the ratio automatically.
Effective Collateral Ratio ECR is equal to the ratio between the total value of collateral assets and the total value of algorithmic tokens in circulation.
  • The ECR is used in the asset redeeming calculation formula, both for AGOUSD & AGOBTC tokens.
  • When the user wants to redeem his AGOUSD or AGOBTC tokens, he can be sure that for every number of both algorithmic tokens, he will receive the required number of collateral tokens and share tokens to achieve an equivalent value in dollar terms.
ECR=Total Collateral ValueTotal CNUSD / CNBTC SupplyECR = \cfrac{\text{Total Collateral Value}}{\text{Total CNUSD / CNBTC Supply}}