2021/2022 development roadmap

  • Coordination of ideas, determination of the protocol development vector, and business logic creation
  • Financial and economic consulting, advice adoption
  • Rendering layouts, creation of the unified corporate design, branding, and rebranding
  • Abstention from launching on the Ethereum blockchain due to high gas fees at that moment, rewriting smart contracts for the Polygon chain

  • Argano synthetic dollar logic creation, development, and testing
  • Argano synthetic Bitcoin logic creation, development, and testing
  • dApp development, smart contract interaction testing
  • Dashboard visual and technical improvements
  • Development basic version of the Argano personal account page for the portfolio management feature:
    • Portfolio performance data
  • Testing, troubleshooting, and error corrections

  • Request to the blockchain security firm - Obelisk for the in-depth audit within the manual code review, static and on-chain analysis
  • The final stage of the smart contracts testing before going live
  • Pre-fundraising event preparations, strengthening of the new partnerships, consultations, and development of a marketing campaign
  • Holding the private sale among early contributors

  • Partnership with EASY CRYPTS and further establishment of a seed investment agreement
  • Analysis of the protocol state, determination of the possibility to migrate to Argano’s DEX, development of the dedicated DEX smart contracts
  • Deployment and implementation of the idea of ​​​​creating the Argano nontradable liquidity token - AGOy for the new early contributors
  • Forming 2-month development roadmap for launching Argano Beta release and its testing before the official launch

  • Argano Beta launch event
  • Pre-IDO staking and distribution additional token allocation (using AGOy utility) as rewards for the users’ testing activity
  • dApp visual and technical improvements
  • Holding a public fundraising event after the partnership establishment with various launchpads
  • Testing, troubleshooting, and error corrections

  • Argano official launch event, token distribution following the developed plan of token cliffs and vestings
  • Implementation of the Argano limit order functionality backed by automatic on-chain tools
  • Improvements of the Argano personal account page for the portfolio management feature
    • P&L processing and storage of the historical data
    • Enhanced pools' and trading activity management for the better UX On-chain governance (implementation v1)

  • Argano DAO governance discussion and approvement from the community
  • Implementation of the community investment pools and asset management through the Argano DAO
  • Creation of the Argano NFT limited edition to select the best members of the community and distribute accesses
  • Argano DAO final changes and improvements of the entire governance structure (on-chain governance v2)

  • Implementation of automatic yield strategies in the form of the Argano DAO general liquidity vaults
  • Argano DEX improvements:
    • Margin trading and Futures trading functionality creation within the gradual testing and implementation of the L2 solutions
    • Multifunctional management system development and implementation, reaching the level of centralized exchanges
    • Argano DAO voting for the new real-world pegged assets and their technical execution, TGE and DEX support
  • Open-source code creation for connection through third-party services using API keys
  • Mobile app development for both IOS and Android devices

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