Argano Ecosystem 1.0


The origins and further vision

“Glory is in the hands of labor” - Leonardo da Vinci

Argano is a decentralized protocol and liquidity aggregator which is built and supported on the Polygon sidechain network.

The Argano protocol aims to offer the best services of the decentralized exchange with obviously new and innovative features in the DeFi space. The main peculiarities that distinguish Argano from the other protocols are shown in the next key points of the document structure.
At the fair launch stage, we are going to offer the Argano protocol liquidity mining event, which will bring decent rewards in the form of native governance token AGO. Over and above, our main goal to launch the algorithmic cycle functionality of AGOBTC & AGOUSD tokens, which will bring arbitrage opportunities during different market conditions and will supply the liquidity into the future Argano DEX platform.
Argano team has its own purposes and utility concerning native, synthetic, partially collateralized and algorithmic AGOBTC & AGOUSD tokens, which functionality will be deeper described in the following sections.
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